Crisis management

Crises can be defining moments for the corporate reputation of any organisation and often strike when an organisation seems least prepared.

Most crises can be predicted however. Dunphy Communications works with clients to map response strategies before an organisation finds itself on the back foot and in reactive mode.

An organisation may at any stage find itself facing a number of unforeseen scenarios such as:
• Public attacks on quality and level of services provided
• Publication/broadcast of inaccurate information relating to the organisation
• Financial loss
• Staff cuts of management changes
• Strike action by staff
• National public health emergency
• Other

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Many organisations are too caught up in the day-to-day running of their operations to consider a potential response to any future challenges.

Organisations should adopt a proactive approach when faced with a crisis.

DPR has extensive experience in dealing with crisis situations and is cogently aware of the importance of working closely with the media to relay timely and relevant information to the public on behalf of a client.

Dunphy Communications encourages Clare County Council to examine its own crisis management; it is only after the event that contingency preparation and investment will reap positive consequences.

Flooding could force the closure of a business or restrict traffic and travel
Flooding could force the closure of a business or restrict traffic and travel.
Brexit map
Brexit poses huge challenges for the agri-food and tourism sectors. Developing a strategic approach to trading post-Brexit will benefit organisations in these sectors.
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