Media Training

Dunphy Communications offers a comprehensive media training service designed to encourage clients to participate in and prepare for dealing with the broadcast and print media. 

Getting your message across

Many are skeptical about and fearful of engaging in press or ‘live’ radio/TV interviews.  Dunphy Communications offers media training that will improve the confidence and effectiveness of clients during such interviews. 

Through our tailored media training, clients will learn to how to construct their story and take control of the information that is disseminated through interviews.   We assist clients in carefully preparing its message before they are delivered. 

All key personnel within an organisation should be familiar and efficient in delivering the organisation’s key messages.  Remember, part of getting messages out successfully is picking the right spokespersons.  Certain spokespersons will resonate better with your target audience than others.  Showcase your best spokespersons and get the most from a media interview. 

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