Public Relations

Your promotional campaigns should not be limited to advertising messages alone.  There has been a rapid increase of advertising information within the media:  every TV/radio broadcasting hour contains up to fifteen minutes of advertising messages while print and online publications are condensed with advertisements.  Paid advertising alone does not suffice anymore to attract the people’s attention to the work of your organisation.

Don’t wait, make the first move

The media will not provide coverage to any organisation if there is no good reason for them to do it.  The media is interested in preparing useful and interesting information for their viewers/listeners or readers.  Reinforcing the ‘proactive’ message, Dunphy Communications advises clients not to wait for the media to come looking.  If you have an interesting story for them to tell, inform the media about it. Take the initiative and make the first move.

Media Releases

Free publicity resulting from a well crafted and newsworthy media release is one of the most cost effective and impactful promotional vehicles available to any organisation.   A well-written, newsworthy media release can save any organisation huge amounts of money normally spent on advertising.   News editors receive scores, if not hundreds, of media releases each day.  They give media releases a ’10 second‘ glance to see if the topic is newsworthy. We recognise the need to grab the attention of news editors through concise yet informative headlines and short and snappy text. 


We advise clients to complement their media releases with appropriate high resolution photography.  Photocalls are arranged where appropriate.


Videography is an increasingly important part of any media campaign considering the organic and paid for reach gained for any promotion through Social Media.

A tourism promotion for Visit Clare.
Video commissioned for Clare County Council to showcase the infrastructure works undertaken ahead of the 2019 Irish Open in Lahinch.
A short video promoting the work of Clare County Council.
The reopening of the Clare Dog Shelter.

Dunphy Communications works with award winning videographers and photographers to ensure that your target audience is reached and that your promotion reaps benefits for your organisation.

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